How to make some "Parakeets" or "Budiges" mate plus How to make a baby parakeet’s food

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Hi! Thank you for reading this!

This is how you make your budgies or parakeets mate.

Step 1: Get a little cage.

Step 2: Put like a where they can have eggs little house. Put newspaper on the bottom too. 🙂

Step 3: Put some water and foods for the parent parakeets.

Step 4. Put some toys in the little cage for they can play a little.

Step 5: Capture or buy a adult female and a male parakeet or budgie

And there you go! If you wanna know when they mate they go up and down on each other. Like the boy or girl on the top and the girl or boy on something standing while a girl or boy ups and downs with them. So there! Ask me or comment me if you need something or if im missing something else! Well thanks for reading my “How to make some “Parakeets” or “Budgies” mate! So yah this is real.

How to make a baby parakeet’s food

Step 1: Buy some dry cat food or dog food. {I suggest cat food with nutriuns or with Vitiman D}

Step 2: When you buyed the cat or dog food put it in a container of water.{P.S. Put bird vitiamn in it too.

Step 3: Put it in a refigarator and wait until it gets sloppy or mashy.

Step 4: Smash it a little

Step 5: Put a little apple sauce in it .

And there you have a baby budgie or parakeet bird food! I wish you enjoy it! So good luck guys


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