Build a Website without the Common Pitfalls

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Nowadays, everyone wants a website for themselves. From students to multinational organizations, from the roadside vendor to billionaires and businessmen. They all want a site, to sell a product, to share some gossip, to get some advice from others, to expose their talents in music, arts and literature, they all need a site, whatever the reason, and they just want to express themselves.

Website building is not a difficult process. It can be simple or complex according to the nature of the site you are making, it can be done easily if it’s just a personal site that you want. You can easily create your website yourself or can ask some professionals to do the job, provided you pay them.

The important features of a good website are as follows

  1. It should look attractive and yet user-friendly.
  2. Your visitors should find what they are searching for in your site.

No matter what kind of content your website contains, you want it to look great, right??

Just as important, you want your site to have plenty of visitors who should find your content easy to read and follow. You can easily accomplish these goals by eliminating some common web-design pitfalls by following these steps.

Use a plain background that will not interfere with your text.dont use complex backgrounds like patterns and texture. Plain backgrounds are always the best. Use contrasting colors for backgrounds, text, and links. The higher the contrast, the better the readability. Brown text on a red background is a big flaw.

Use bold and italic sparingly. Bold and italic effects actually make text harder to read. Use bold and italic for highlighting an idea. Make sure you align the body text properly. Centered body text can be hard to read. It is better to adjust your margins than your text. Use centered text for headers, footers, and important headlines only. Keep body text at its default size. Look carefully at your page. Is there anything on it that is not necessary? If so, get rid of it. Do not post date on the page, if you don’t update the page regularly. Imagine wishing a person “Merry Christmas” when it’s his Birthday.

Never put your home address or home phone numbers without consulting a web-guide. Always think before you type in those credit-card numbers, because mischiefs are around the corner.


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