How To Take Care Of Long Hair

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It is very difficult to take care of long hair rather than short  or normal hair. Even it takes time to wash or dry long hair. Therefore, you should follow some rules so as to prevent from hair loss.

While sleeping, don’t  tie hair very tightly, as it can cause breakage or hair loss.

Avoid using clips, bows and bands to some extent, so as to prevent from breakage of your hair.

Trim your hair once in a month or  two, so as to avoid split ends, otherwise your  hair starts breaking and will lose its natural beauty.

After washing your hair, do not rub your hair roughly, it can lead to more tangles, instead wrap your head with a towel and let it dry for some time.

Before sleeping, cover your hair with a  satin or silk scarf, so as to prevent breakage, avoid sleeping on cotton pillows, instead use silk pillows as  hair can easily get caught in that, and it is best to tie your hair  up before sleeping.

Avoid combs, instead use your fingers gently in a downward direction to detangle your hair, never use comb on wet hair, as it causes breakage of hair.

Brush your hair twice or thrice in a day, as it helps to spread the oil from the  root of your hair till the tip. Massaging your head is also good for growth of hair, as it helps in blood circulation and good sleep at night.

Equal quantity of olive oil, castor oil and almond oil mixed together and gently massage on your scalp once a week, helps to have strong, beautiful and healthy  hair.


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