Top 10 Things to Remember When Raising Puppies

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Immunizations are Important. The veterinarian will have a complete list of immunizations your puppy needs. Some of these immunizations require multiple shots in a series. The most affordable option is a well care plan for puppies.

Sterilization prolongs life. If a dog is spayed or neutered, they have less of a chance of getting certain forms of cancer. This means a longer life span for the dog and fewer health problems.

Food is not about variety. Puppies need to be started on one food and kept on that food. Adding variety to a puppy’s diet is a recipe for diarrhea and vomiting.

Hard food is best. The hard food choices are the best for puppies because they clean the teeth every time the puppy feeds. The soft foods are the ones that get stuck in the teeth and can cause dental problems later on.

Hydration is important. A dog will drink water every time they are thirsty. Unlike humans, they cannot go to the fridge and get out a soda to drink. The water bowl should be kept full at all times and changed after each feeding.

Feed up to four times a day. Puppies are growing and growing fast. They need to be fed up to four times every day. This does not mean the puppy food can be left out all day with doggy grazing by once in a while. Meal times should be the same time every day with measured portions.

Pee and poo will happen. At first, the puppy will not understand that going to the bathroom is an outside only event. The puppy can be scolded for using the bathroom indoors if they are caught in the act. If the puppy is not caught, scolding them for the action after the fact will only cause bonding issues as the puppy will not know why the owner is scolding.

Crate training is hard. Most puppy owners come out of the store with a crate in hand, ready to crate train their dogs. Crate training works with the puppy’s natural instinct to not go to the bathroom where they sleep. If the training is kept up, the puppy will soon learn that the leash is the only place it is appropriate to use the bathroom.

Traveling should be safe. Just like kids are locked into car seats when they are little, puppies should be kept secure in a moving vehicle at all times. The puppy may need to have a carrier placed on the seat in order to see out the window. If they cannot see, there is a better chance the puppy will get motion sickness.

Be patient but firm. The puppy needs to know the owner is the boss. This means being patient with puppy during training, but also being firm about who is in control. There is no use yelling and being loud, as it will only scare the puppy.


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