Video Game Advertisement Movies

A video game advertisement movie is what I call a movie that has a layout very much like a video game. It becomes obvious that the reason the movie was made in the first place was to sell some future game. People may not be aware of this, but more money is made from the sale of video games than movies themselves. Once upon a time, people used to try to design a video game AFTER a movie and found that it made them big bucks. Now I feel they’re doing just the opposite. They plan a video game and design a movie FOR that game. In my opinion, this often causes the movie to suck. The last movie I saw which hinted to this was Death Race. deathrace.jpgmatrix_30.jpg Not all video game advertisement movies suck though. I actually enjoyed watching The Matrix. walt-disney.jpg

This concept of using movies to advertise is not just something game manufacturers are using. Even Walt Disney uses this technique! Disneyland’s business was dropping so they came out with two movies which I think were made with almost the complete purpose of advertising. One movie was Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney even altered their Pirates of the Caribbean ride slightly to match up with the movie.  165551__haunted_l.jpg


Then there was The Haunted Mansion, a movie based on the popular Disney theme park attraction, starring Eddie Murphy. I didn’t actually go to see this particular movie but it came out around the same time period as Pirates of the Caribbean I suspect that it was also layed out to be a ride advertisement, to bring people back to their park.


I just miss the days when a movie was designed for the sole purpose of entertainment. Movies which appealed to the imagination. Now days a lot of movies have plenty of the eye candy, but they miss that spark of imagination that older movies put in your mind. Like the movie THEM (1954) a science fiction about giant ants. warworlds_correa.jpg

Or War of the Worlds after the H.G. Wells novel. Back when movies were made to be movies AND people put real effort into making them. Motion pictures in those days were a whole lot better!

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