Honey! Look At Me…

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Regardless of whether some men were born with extra testosterone or not, most men WILL ‘check out’ other women without them fully being concious of their behaviour. It’s like a shark being attracted to blood, men will sense an attractive women approaching before they even see her.

The majority of us women will start wondering whats going on in their partners mind as that happens, some of us might even get insecure about the fact that their partner is looking at another hot body and possibily thinking dirty thoughts, whatever the case is, no matter how much your partner tend to love you, he will generally still visualize another women, not because you are not statisfying enough for him, or someone else is better looking than you, it’s just something in a mans nature that we cannot change.

Have you ever noticed when you were watching a movie and a sexy actress comes on to the screen and your partner’s drooling all over her, making comments or even paying more attention to the movie all of a sudden? Does that mean he’s attracted to her? or does that mean that he finds her attractive?

There is a major difference between the two and here’s why..

Being attracted to someone is being physically, emotionally, intellectual and spiritually attach to them or a combination of the 2 or 3 listed. You may find their physical appearance attractive but that doesn’t mean that you areattracted to them, you might find what they say facinating, but it doesn’t mean that they are what you would want in a person. Finding someone attractive is a passive term, but being actually attracted to someone is an Active term.

If a man wanted to look, there is absolutely nothing we can do to change that, same as if he wanted to cheat, we wouldn’t be able to stop his desire to cheat.. Life is way too short to be in a relationship where you’re constantly worried or hoping that he’d respect you enough to pay attention to you and only you and the looking won’t turn into a desire to cheat, well… ladies, if he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it, there is NOTHING we can do to control the situation, we can only decide what we are going to do as a reaction to his action.

Ladies, when you ask you man whether or not he fantazizes about another women when you’re not around, and he’s being completely honest with you, don’t punish him for it by getting agressive or defensive, even though i can fully comprehend with the initial feelings of hurt and betrayal that we might have, but think about this one logically, he’s being open and honest, he’s trusting in you to talk to you about his thoughts, he’s communicating with you and he’s sharing his desires with you. Isn’t that what we are constantly crave for in a man??? so if you have the honesty, CELEBRATE IT, (not necessary his fantasy if you disagree with it), but the fact that he can be open with you. So let him know ladies, tell him that you appreciate his honesty and even though you wouldn’t fully agree with what he fantasizes about, the fact that he shared it with you means the world!

Believe it or not, us women fatasize about ‘other’ men too, however, just a little bit more discretly and not nescessary in the open for our partner to see. When a hot male walks past us, our first initial response isn’t “mmhm,,, check out the package on that.” and then see if he’s actually good looking. We generally notice a mans face first, then anything beyond that is a bonus, We wouldnt catogrize men into the bedroom catogory or the naked catogory just purely basing it on their apperace, especially if we are in a happy, helathy realtionship. Instead, we would only process whether they are good looking or not, and very likely anything beyond that.

So yes, women do think about other men too, some will act more masculine, with the thought process of a male, but others will be the complete opposite. Everyone is different and unique, it’s all based on the person you are. In fact there is no right or wrong, it’s all about personal choice and sometimes you’re personal choice might hurt the other person in a relationship, but that’s when communication comes into it.


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