How to Do Offers on Cashcrate

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CashCrate is a great site that can earn you some good money online. However, to really start making some bank you will have to understand how to do there offers correctly so you can get paid for them. This article will teach you how to effectively fill out one of the free offers on CashCrate. The first thing you need to do, if you have not, is sign up. There is a link at the bottom if you still have not sign-up to CashCrate.

First, look for a free offer that you want to do on the site and then click on the offer. Do not click on submit or completed yet because you haven’t done that. You will not get paid if you click on that. All of there offers will ask you for an e-mail address. You should not just make up one because some of the companies will ask you for a confirmation by e-mail. They will send you an e-mail to confirm that you did the offer. The problem with this is that you can’t really do all the offers with the same e-mail because they already have you in there system. Therefore, you have to create multiple e-mails. This is very simple if you use Google’s gmail as your email. You can create a free e-mail and then do this trick for creating ‘multiple emails.’ For gmail, you can simply place a period in between a letter of your e-mail and the company will automatically you are someone else but still send it to the same e-mail. For example:

Your email is
when you fill out a form on CashCrate you can do this for your e-mail:

and it will send it to and the companies believe it is someone else and you will still get paid.

So you have your e-mail set-up so now lets get to the offer. You do not have to buy anything or say yes to any of the offers shown. You are being paid for your opinion so you should remember that. The main thing that you need to remember is that you make sure you reach the page that says SILVER OFFERS or OFFER COMPLETED or SURVEY COMPLETED. If you get to that page you have completed the offer. Get to the last page of these pages and then leave it open for a minute. Then go back to CashCrate and click on the SUBMIT of COMPLETED button. The offers usually take a few hours while some may take days and others seconds.

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