Facebook vs. MySpace

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When I first had the urge to write an article about the growing popularity of Facebook and MySpace, I intended on highlighting MySpace’s qualities.  I seriously used to adore MySpace.  I had added Facebook because some of my friends had it, but I never used it.  I just didn’t seem as cool as MySpace.  I mean, you don’t have top friends and you can’t change your layout and there’s no music. 

The past six months have basically changed my thoughts on this drastically.  Facebook really has gotten better than MySpace.  I mean, I really started to dislike MySpace when they got the whole status thing.  It was a major copy off of Facebook. 

Facebook has the whole Facebook Mobile feature.  When you receive a message, it can be sent to your cell phone via text.  If the message is long, you reply with next and you get to finish reading that message.  You can also choose the status’s of your friends that you want to receive updates.   MySpace has this MySpace mobile feature, but it basically only sends you a link telling you that you’ve got a message.  It’s lame.

Since I’ve realized that I actually have a life outside of MySpace, I’ve also realized that the simplicity of Facebook warms my heart.  I mean, you don’t have to stress over top friends.  You don’t need to figure out who can’t be next to who or who will get mad if they aren’t included in your top.  Don’t even get me started on the countless hours we know we’ve all spent looking for the PERFECT MySpace layout. 

I believe that Facebook is the definitely the definition of social networking.  I love when someone changes their Facebook status to “still working on that world history project” and they start getting “likes” and comments out the wahzoo from people they barely ever converse with.  I think it really helps bring people closer together, in this strange way. 

I honestly never really got the whole Twitter thing. I find that site retarded beyond belief.  Being able to see all of my friends’ updated status’ on Facebook has helped me realize why it’s so much fun!  I mean, I’ve tried the whole Twitter thing because it’s apparently such a big hit.  I think Facebook brings about a much better way of handling status updates among friends.  I love telling people how I feel so the “comment” feature to nearly everything on that site is my favorite.

So, finally, I’ve drawn my conclusion that Facebook wins the ultimate social networking battle.  Within the past six months, I’ve become closer with people I’ve gone to school with for years.  I’ve made countless friends that I had never talked to from my school either.  Along with that, the friends that I had met through my friends I’ve added on Facebook as well forming stronger friendships.

Here’s to Facebook: keep up the GREAT work!


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