Decluttering for a New Way of Life

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Here are a few simple tips for getting started-remember to take it easy. Take it one room at a time and one corner at a time, if necessary.

Sort-put like things together so that you can begin the organization process. Put all your clothes together, all your papers in one place…well you get the idea.

Purge-If you have not used it in the past 6 months, chances are you don’t need it. We live in a society of excess. We like our possessions and some of us have not learned to part with material things that are holding us back. Be aggressive when it comes to purging. You will soon learn to appreciate your space as much as you do your possessions.

Assign a home-one of the biggest problems with clutter is the things do not have a permanent home. Assign a place for the things you are keeping. As long as your things are in their assigned places, you should not have things lying around. All it takes is a few things out of place and the next thing you know you are dealing with major clutter again.

Containerize-purchase the necessary storage devices to keep your possessions organized. Many storage items today are decorative and serve a dual purpose. You can purchase items that can be used as a table or seating that also have storage capabilities.

Maintenance-this part is very important. Take 10-15 minutes each day to maintain your main living area. This daily maintenance will keep your from having to ever be overwhelmed with clutter again.

Clutter can hold you back. It will affect other areas of our lives. It is essential that you get to the root of why you cannot part with things in order to move forward with your life.


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