Video Review: South Africa Journal: A Nation’s Renewal

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Video: South Africa Journal: A Nation’s Renewal
Length: 27:50 minutes
Producer: FFH, Films For Humanities
Date of Publication: 2003

“It is easier to crush than it is to build.” This video takes a look at South Africa and the past and current struggles of its people through various interviews done by a woman, Amy Eldon, who grew up in Kenya with her brother who was tragically killed while on assignment as a war photographer in Somalia. Through this tragedy, she learned first hand the effects of war, misunderstanding, and hate. Since his death, she has traveled the world in search of people who are finding positive ways of dealing with pressing issues; people who strive to give their struggling communities a “rebirth”. Amy comes across a restaurant owner, a  few play writers/musicians, a museum curator, a prisoner (who shared jail time with Nelson Mandela), an artist, a winery owner, and a game ranger. These are just a few of the many, many people who seek to develop a better “global tribe,” each with an inspiring story to share.

I highly recommend this video to be used in a history or geography class, as I have learned a great deal from it and have been truly inspired by its message. I have learned how the struggles and oppression that the people of Africa have faced in their past is helping to guide them toward bettering their lives and providing freedom and hope for themselves, their communities, and the world today. Although their lives are beginning to improve, there are still many hardships such as disease and poverty, but as Nelson Mandela once stated, “There is no easy walk to freedom.”



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