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Hey Warrior
to increase your ad sense earning you can use you google id in all these sites when some one read your article or post or click on Google ad sense with in the page of your post or article you earn money through your google ad sense account

How to find Google Ad sense Id?
1. login to your google ad sense account report area you will find it at upper right site of webpage as
Publisher ID: pub-**************** with 16 digital number

How To Use Your Google Ad sense Id?
1.register to forums or articles
2.log in
3.go to edit profile area where you can add your Google ad sense id

How Much You Will Earn?
most of these sites offer 50%
other sites offer 100%
some sites offer 50% plus 10% form your referral

Please when they ask who refer you please use my id on each site thnx

is a form site for webmasters
This forum displays one advertisement in the upper right area as well is inline when viewing a thread.use Google Ad Sense to automatically serve relevant ads for the content on the page. Google pays Ad Sense publishers on a per click basis as well as per impression.
MY ID :ha198000

is a forum for webmasters
50% of the ads are shared between the participants of a certain thread and HTTP point.
The more you participate the better for you. And you also need to have a minimum of 10 posts to earn money from ad sense
my id :ha198000

3)Work From Home Forums
is a forum about working from home
After you’ve racked up 50 posts, the revenue sharing kicks in. On every thread you start, one out of three page views will display your Ad Sense ID instead of that of Work From Home This means that when people click the ads on your threads, you earn money.
my id:ha198000

to find rest of sites click here


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