Fourth of July Safety Tips – More Than Fireworks

The fourth of July is right around the corner and with that comes and increased need for safety precautions. Every year, children and adults are hurt by fireworks and other Fourth of July events. These injuries do not need to occur as supervising adults have the control over the situation.
The fourth of July safety tips are not limited to the use of fireworks. Along with fireworks, children and adults are often swimming, consuming alcohol and spending time out in the sun.
Swimming and Fourth of July Safety Tips
If anyone in your family will be swimming during the Fourth of July festivities, it is important to review Fourth of July safety tips involving water play.
Everyone in the pool needs to be aware of other swimmers.
Children should never swim unattended.
Sunscreen should be applied before swimming and then again every 30 to 45 minutes of swimming.
As the old saying goes, a child can drown in as little as one teaspoon of water. The pool is a great place to have fun, but not the best place to play around with the rules of safety.
Consuming Alcohol and Fourth of July Safety Tips
Alcohol can make a person feel like they own the world. When it comes to safety, this feeling could lead to actions that will not only harm that person but other people present. If alcohol will be consumed at a fourth of July party everyone needs to be on alert.
Children should not have access to the alcohol.
All keys should be taken at the door.
A place to sleep needs to be available for people who are drinking.
Water needs to be alternated with alcohol to prevent dehydration.

Sun and Fourth of July Safety Tips
The sun is the best part of the fourth of July. Everyone is outside, playing in the grass and waiting for the big fireworks displays. When out in the sun, some of the most important Fourth of July safety tips come into play.
Sunscreen should be worn at all times to prevent sunburn.
Water should be consumed regularly to prevent heat exhaustion, heat stroke or heat related dehydration.
Prescription medications should not be kept out in the sun.
All food should be refrigerated promptly and covered if the food does not need refrigeration.

Fireworks and Fourth of July Safety
Without a doubt, no Fourth of July safety tips list would be complete without a reminder regarding safety and fire. Fireworks can kill. At the least, they can leave someone injured or burned very badly. In some cases, fireworks can cause property damage as well.
Fireworks should only be used in areas where they are legal.
Fire extinguishers should be on hand at all times.
Fireworks should be lit with a long range lighter.
No one should stand close to the fireworks when going off. 
Children should be watched at all times when fireworks are within a close distance.
Make this fourth of July the best ever by following these Fourth of July safety tips and keeping your party at home instead of at the hospital.

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