4 Sex Mistakes Men Make

Okay fellas I guess you think that you know all about arousing a woman and do not need any advice. Well let me just say that this is about sex mistakes men make. Yes, I know, you are an experienced lover and you never had any complaints in that department, at least none voiced. However, unlike men women feel and react differently when making love.

Now I am sure that most men have learned there “technique” from on hands experience or through trial and error or taking some tips from what they see on the movie screen but lets get real here. It looks easy and spontaneous on the big screen but not in real life. Many women are not comfortable talking about what they like and do not like in bed. They are shy about it and of course, they do not want to offend your pride by telling you it was not as good for them.

Mistake 1-

First, keep in mind that all women are different and what one-woman likes the other may not, and what gets one woman hot can chill another. Therefore, you need to take into consideration the woman that you are currently with and understand that all women respond to arousal differently, some take a little longer than others and you need to have patience.

Mistake 2- Do not assume you know what she likes, even though you may be a mature lover with various techniques and they have worked in the past for you. Keep in mind the relationship- some women can have sex with no emotional attachment and others need that attachment.

Mistake 3-You have whatever she needs.

Not always the case, some women have difficulty climaxing without a vibrator and your fingers or tongue cannot generate the speed a vibrator can. In addition, think of the vibrator as your helper and it can provide pleasure to you both. Just remember there is nothing wrong with a woman who needs the assistance of a vibrator.

Mistake 4- Sex feels the same way for women as it does men

Many men think women feel the same way men do when they are making love but they do not. Some women experience a slow arousal with a long buildup than orgasm, some can jump right into the buildup without a running start, and others never quite reach the orgasm stage. Every women is different some women may whimper, or are silent while having an orgasm, others may scream , yell, or gasp while there body movements can range from hip to total body movement.

Men think because intercourse feels fantastic for them that a woman feels that very as well but how would you feel if something were deep inside you, pumping up and down in a frenzied state. You need to understand that the vagina is not as sensitive and sometimes it is not a pleasant experience especially if the penis is long, it can create pressure in your insides and your stomach feels as if it is being pushed into your bladder. It has been know to have made women feel nauseous afterwards.

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