Unbelievably Only Seven Executions Were Ever Carried Out On Tower Green, The Tower Of London!

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1536 Queen Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry the eighth. Was accused of adultery and incest with her brother George and of treason. She was beheaded by a French swordsman in1536.

1541 Margaret Pole Countess of Salisbury was Lady of the bedchamber to Princess Mary and Mary’s governess. She was accused of treason. At her execution she was struck eleven times with the axe before she died she was sixty eight years old.

Queen Katherine Howard fifth wife of King Henry the eighth was tried and found guilty of adultery and treason she was beheaded in 1542

Jane Viscountess of Rochford was the Lady of the bedchamber, to Queen Katherine Howard. She was found guilty of treason and was beheaded in 1542.

Sixteen year old Lady Jane Gray was Queen of England for only Nine days. She was beheaded for high treason in1554 by order of Queen Mary1st

Robert Devereux 2nd earl of Essex, was a great favourite of Queen Elizabeth1,  then they fell out. Robert tried to get the people of London to rise up against Elizabeth and her Government. He was beheaded as a traitor in 1601by order of Queen Elizebeth1st.

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