How to Protect Your Child From The People You Thought You Could Trust

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The thought is freighting that you are just handing your child over to the person that will abuse them. It was once thought that an uncle or a neighbor abused a child, not any more. Look at the news there are teachers having sex with their students, and priest molesting children.These are the very people that you thought you could trust and that you lead your child to believing they could be trusted. This article is about educating yourself and your child about the world around them.
Step 1


Start with yourself: First, you must face the fact that we live in a scary world. You cannot be naive anymore. If your child cannot depend on you to be protect them who can they depend on. There is nothing wrong with being over protective, in this day and time we can’t afford not to be.

Step 2

Be on guard and don’t assume that just because a person is in a position of authority that they can be trusted with your child. For example, a Judge was caught masturbating in the courtroom when court was in session. A woman reported coming out of sedation and catching her dentist feeling her breast. Having these titles makes these people even more dangerous to our children.

Step 3

Advise your child never to go anywhere alone with their teacher male or female. If it isn’t done in a group then your child should know not to participate in the event. When my daughter was younger, her school friend shared that during summer vacation she went to their teacher’s house alone and they had lunch at Burger King. When my daughter asked her if her parents knew, the little girl told her yes. I was shocked! What could have happened to this little girl and why would her parents allow this?

Step 4

Communication is key. Adolescence is a time of raging hormones and just a little attention from an adult could make your teenager think they were in love. Talk candidly. Use the Lisa Glide incident in the news as an opportunity to talk with your son or daughter about the inappropriateness of a teacher having sex with a student.

Step 5

Teach your child that their body is special and sacred. They should be encouraged to protect their body and to express their dislikes to anyone who may be touching them inappropriately. Make it easy for your child to come to you with anything by having open communications with them.

Step 6

Set the right tone as early as possible, let your children know that you monitor everything; this includes email and internet chats. My daughters are used to me asking, “Who are you talking to?” when they are on the internet. Make it known that you want to know who their friends are and their parents. Stress to your children how much you trust them and want to protect them against anyone who may do them harm.


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