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Ciao is a great opportunity for earning online for people who are broke and desperate to earn online. Ciao is owned and operated by microsoft so you don’t have to worry about any scams.

Ciao is a website where you have to write reviews and people will rate it if they like it and you get paid some cents. The reviews must be atleast 125 words to get accepted for payment and minimum payout is 5$. You can request payment as soon as you get 5$ in your account.

Though they pay few cents for each review you can maximize that by using the steps I suggest.

1. Ciao pays you a percentage of earnings made from people referred by you. So you should refer as many as possible. For referring people we can use the classified and gmail method.

2. The next key thing is to add as many friends as possible. Adding friends is easy and you can add upto 50 friends in 5 minutes. What this will do is your friends will rate your reviews and you earnings will increase.

3. Write as many reviews as possible. If you want to write a review for sony plasma tv just google it and you can find many reviews and features of the plasma tv. Now you only have to condense it into a 125 word review. My estimation says that a 125 word review can be written in 5-10 minutes.

Though the earnings will be not that great but will have some money which you can use to fund your IM startup.


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