Top tips for tech writer

Tech-writers are sure to find their job to be quite tricky at times since it doesn’t really have a high profile or much support anywhere. Here are some tips to help you become a successful tech-writer.

1) Learn your company’s politics. Knowledge is the key when it comes to tech-writing, so find out who knows what in your field. Try to find a reliable person who can give you correct answers at a proper time and remember this person at all costs. There is always one in every company. Even though it may not be the product manager, the project manager, the programmer or the customer, this person will have had experience in the real world with the product with real customers.

2) By doing step one, you can do step two, that is, develop your knowledge on the product and its domain. It is important to collect all the knowledge that you can get. Keep in mind that the more things you find out on your own, the more you will learn and the more respect you will garner from other tech-writers. Also, stay in touch with these other tech-writers and communicate with them at all costs. Don’t just talk to them, but actually converse with them.

3) Figure out which ones are your users and what they want to do, what problems they are having in reaching their goals, and what kind of help they may need. Afterwards, offer your assistance. Do your best to help the user do what he is hoping to do. Simply imparting a list of what the product is capable of doing will not help; an entire help system is advised to offer the best help to the customer’s needs. On this note, you should treat every person as if he was a customer. Focus on what they expect and what promises you have given them. It is important to always be in the know when it comes tow hat you do. Let them know when you will be done and do everything to meet that deadline.

4) Work extra hard in order to produce documents with great quality, as well as to finish them on time and within the given budget. By doing this, you will be able to offer the best quality of work that you can to the customer’s utmost satisfaction.

5) Have fun, no matter what!

The world of information technology may seem uncaring, harsh, and far too high-tech for your taste, but don’t get jaded or cynical because of this. Use your head, be smart, and use the provided resources to your best ability. Most importantly, depend on work satisfaction to be your number one priority, no matter what. This will ensure that you stay happy and move forward

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