The Cinema of Japan

The Cinema of Japan is very seasoned and has been providing us with great movies for the past several decades. The Japanese cinema was previously only releasing films in domestic markets but later it expanded to surrounding territories.

Japanese movies have been known for their different styles like Martial Arts as well as other fictional content. Japanese Movies Dragon appearances were also made famous on the American television which parodied the Japanese cinema’s trademark character introduction format which included the character’s face in front of fire. In recent years however Japanese Films have matured a lot and several films have become critically acclaimed worldwide.

A new genre of Japanese films started in 2001 called anime with the release and subsequent success of the Japanese movie Spirited Away. In 2000 a film named Wo hu cang long or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was released to the worldwide audience to success and critical acclaim. It was not an English film but had Japanese Movies English subtitle and even although people had to read through the sub-title in the bottom of the screen, they liked it.

Japanese Movies with English subs are still very popular with fans of the genre in the United States and other European countries. Over here several people still go and watch these movies instead of local films. There are also several Japanese movies available to the adult audience.  Japanese Movies English sub-title sites have also sprung up so that people can download subs for their favorite movies and understand them properly.

The success of these movies has also inspired the introduction of several Japanese dramas like Nobuta which has generated a considerable fan base following its introduction some time ago. All of this has led to an even wider interest in the Japanese cinema and Japanese Movies which has since gained a lot of importance and more Japanese film makers are appearing including the likes of Kinji Fukasaku who directed the epic film Battle Royale in 2000 and died from cancer in 2003. Another Japanese Movies’ director is Ang Lee who directed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon before going on to work on several other films such as Hulk and Brokeback Mountain.

Thus the Japanese Movies have provided a lot to the world and all of this really helped their industry to progress significantly in the past several years. TV serials like Nobuta have also become hit on the internet where people from Western countries that do not get to see these serials on the television tune it and check it out periodically for new episodes. Every year several Japanese Movies are released into selected US cinemas out of which some are dubbed and some are either subtitled or some are not even touched which are viewed mostly by the Japanese population living in America. All of this factors have led to Japanese movies becoming increasingly popular worldwide day by day as audiences look for something fresh and different as they are slowly getting bored of watching American and other movies and Japanese movies are the perfect alternatives.

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