How To Become A Bit More Optimistic

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This might be completely cornball for some people, or helpful for others. You can decide. I’d just like to share.

So there’s this book called The Secret, I’m sure many of you have heard of it or even read it. Anyway, basically the secret is that if you think positively about things, good things will most likely happen. If you think negatively, bad things will most likely happen. So lately in life I’ve been thinking quite positively, and my life is taking a turn for the better.

My advice for you, in order to achieve this yourself (or at least what has been working for me) is to just forgive, distract, forget, move on.
Basically, if something bad is happening:

  • forgive whatever (or whoever, including yourself sometimes) is at fault
  • distract yourself with something that genuinely makes you happy
  • forget the fact that the situation is bad (because everything will eventually get better if you believe that it will)
  • move on to something that is worth your attention

Don’t dwell on the bad things. Just say to yourself “It isn’t so bad, I don’t mind that this is happening because eventually I will overcome and get over it and things will be alright”. This thought process has worked amazingly well for me lately, so I hope you’re as easily amused by other things that make you happy as I am. I’m sure it will work for you if that is the case.

Like Carter says in his pimple cream commercial in the movie A Cinderella Story:

>”Anything’s possible if you just believe!” ;]



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