Ways to lose weight

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Now a days more people are confronting an obstacle from themselves !? that is their own body’s overweight !!. Yes ! It is an obstacle which varies according to the situation, not only while running on a race track, but also while moving from place to place on a busy road to catch a bus or train!

The primary disadvantage according to many of being overweight is that one loses her or his good looks with chubby cheeks and bigger thighs and funny walk.






These are the Five important ways of losing weight fast .


Diet control should be according to the individual as quicker fat loss results in heart diseases and other ailments like migraine etc.,  Low carb is considered to be a way to lose weight but it seems that it should be done with alertness because is it low fat or low carb food that should be taken to reduce weight ?since lacking in carbs may deteriorate one’s health alarmingly.

Black coffee can be taken to replace a pound of flab which is about 3500 calories; The main source of fat is salad dressing for American woman.  Butter,candy and soda pop and others. The high fat and calories and not the nutritional values that should be reduced.

Chicken and fish are low fat which can be replaced for pork or beef. Pre-made dishes are weight loss gold without dressing. Snacks low in calorie and fat but high in fiber – rice cakes, fruits, nuts, baby carrots, etc.Vegetables are low in calories, and are high in fibers.  Fruits have more fibers than Vegetables


Regular exercises are the best way to lose weight as it refreshes the mind as well.  Exercise will burn extra fat and will keep the body active to burn the necessary carbs essential for the body. Aerobics are considered to be an ideal way .

Yoga it seems, has caught up with many as a form to shape the body and lose weight since many health clubs have yoga included in their daily routine. Vajrasana , sitting on one’s own heels is a yogasana which reduces extra muscles on the butts and thighs apart from the abdomen.  Jogging is a very powerful way to lose weight


It may not be surprising for many since any form of exercise or a game will help to shed some extra fat ,but Soccer is specially prescribed for weight loss programme  Researchers from the University of Copenhagen, the Copenhagen University Hospital and Bispebjerg Hospital, concluded that soccer players made significantly more fitness gains and lost more fat than runners

The details of the study is as followed

In the age group of 20-40, 14 men were selected for this study.Duration was 3 months. 2 to 3 hours daily, regular tests for fitness, blood pressure, muscle mass etc. were done.The percentage of fat and blood pressure decreased, while the fitness levels and muscle mass improved according  to Peter Krustrup, leader of the study.  The comparative study between the regular runners and the soccer players for the same amount of time showed better results of improved health for the soccer players than the runners

At the end of the experiment, the soccer players had lost7.7 pounds (3.5 kilos) of fat and gained 4.4 pounds (2 kilos) of extra muscle mass. These statistics were far better than the jogging group, who gained no muscle, and lost 4.4 pounds (2 kilos) of fat.  This research proves that soccer is much more beneficial compared to long distance running.


Fasting is a way not only to lose weight but also to control one’s mind which is an important by product.  If only water is taken on fasting days, it will wash away the toxins and other wastes and particles from the stomach. Traditionally, it is believed and practiced in India as a religious practice, which gives multiple health benefits apart from losing extra flesh.  Honey in the empty stomach can be taken which is considered to be an easy way to reduce the body weight.


Pills are considered to be the easiest way to lose weight since you have to just swallow it daily. The market is full of these sorts of pills, so one is often confused about what to take? The claims of different drug manufacturers through advertisements are both attractive and in some ways are a distraction because how effective and safe are these pills? Apart from the duration taken to lose weight through these pills,few pills do work well and are even approved by FDA laboratories.

The following three are generally considered as good pills

Hoodia Gordonii Plus

Proactol Capsules

ProShape RX Pills

The three are considered to have good performance,and  safety for weight loss. Pills may take the last priority in one’s weight loss programme as there are other methods as mentioned above that are both natural and gives additional benefits as by products.

One according to the convenience and situations can take any one or combinations of more than one of these methods to achieve desired result to lose weight.


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