7 Ways to Tell If You’re Ex-Boyfriend Still Likes You

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untitled.jpgIt ended with the classic, “It’s not you, it’s me,” line. Five minutes later, you’ve used up the entire box of Kleenex from all that crying. His decision to break up with you totally got you floored. A week later, you’re still wondering about how such a thing came to be. You still want to be with him, but you’re not exactly sure whether or not he regrets his decision to break up with you.

If the girl in the above paragraph sounds like you, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. How do you know if your ex is still in to you? Or what tell-tale signs should you be on the lookout for?

1. He smiles warmly at you.

By this time, you can tell what smile is fake and what is not. A warm smile from your ex is indicative that he is glad to see you and that he might still be interested in you.

2. He makes eye contact, intense at that.

Eyes can betray a person’s thoughts and feelings. And if your ex is truly interested in you, his eyes will tell you just that. Observe whether or not he holds your gaze when you are conversing. If he does, this means that he is paying attention to and might even be interested to know more. However, if he starts avoiding meeting your eyes or even limited in making eye contact with you, it’s time to pack up and move on.

3. He starts a conversation.

He always manages to catch you having coffee or going for a run. And he always seems to be chatty, being the one with conversation starters. If this is sounds like your ex, you have plenty of reasons to smile. You see, when a guy is interested, he will try to get your attention by talking to you, mostly about anything he can think of. He will be upbeat and may even try to crack a joke or two.

4. His body language shows it.

Your ex’s reaction while being around you will let you in on more than what he wants to show you. Observe how he positions himself while with you. Does he lean forward when talking to you? Is his body turned towards you most of the time? Does he start mirroring your gestures? If the answers to these are all yes, and then you know he definitely still have you on his mind. The opposite, turning away from you, leaning away from you, or having his arms folded in front of him are negative signs.

5. He makes body contact.

If you notice that he touches you lightly, albeit briefly, when you’re talking to each other, he may still be interested in you. Out of the forms of communication, touch is the most subtle one, but is also the most telling. Men, specifically, use touch to emphasize their interest and support.

6. He interacts with you.

If you find your ex constantly popping up on your IM, sending you text and email messages, or perhaps always “running in to you,” he may be taking extra measures to remain in contact with you.

7. He wants to be friends.

Most guys end break ups by saying that while the relationship ended, they still want to “just be friends.” But most of them don’t really mean it. If he does still try to be in the same circle as you, or tries keeping you in his life and he in yours, chances are, he might not be over you yet.

When a combination of all these signs is one that you see in your ex, it might be quite possible that he is still considering of renewing romantic ties with you. However, this is not the only factor that comes in to play in this situation. Do not count yourself out in the equation just yet. After all, your reaction to his advances is the determining factor of whether or not you both reconcile. The best you can do is to act mature; meaning, not being rude or depressed when he attempts to start a conversation with you. It is not a good idea either for you to rant about the break up or to pry on private matters about who he’s seeing. Also, always wait for him to bring up the topic about getting back together. Don’t shoot him down when he does, either. In fact, it would do you some good to enjoy the time he takes in reconnecting with you and to use this period to evaluate whether or not you want to give you and him a second chance.


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