What are your Priorities?

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I believe that it is of utmost importance that we as humans should learn to prioritize.  When I was 16 years old, I was told by my older sisters to learn to prioritize things.  It was at that stage of my life that I was presented with the most challenges.  That was the time when I start to yearn for independence from my family, hence almost always choosing friends over them.  Now, that I am old enough things has changed. For me, family always comes first. I believe I am past that stage where having a booming social life is more important than having a genuinely sincere, honest and deep relationship with my family.  Well, friends are also part of family.  Since I always have good relationships with my friends I consider them a part of my family.  Whenever there are times of hardships and its difficult for me to approach my family, my friends are there to keep me company.  God is and will always be on top of my list.  As a Catholic, my relationship with God is more extraordinary.  He is more than a being to worship.  Of all the best friends I have, He is the number one.  I confide in Him whenever I have problems.  I can talk to him 24/7, rain or sunshine. It doesn’t matter where or how, I rejoice with Him when something good happens to me.  He will always be there when times I am down and all the more when I am happy.  He is my number one companion whenever I am lonely. And the most important of all, He made my existence possible; without Him I am nothing.


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