How to Create a Color Scheme(s) for your Home Decor

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Instructions Things You’ll Need:

  • Pocket Folders
  • Magazine Pictures
  • Paint Samples
  • Fabric Samples
  • A few existing items existing decor.
  • An open mind and patience.
  1. Step 1 PocketFolders_Thumb.jpg Pocket Folders

    Get some pocket folders so you can manage the information you will be gathering. Pocket folders are inexpensive and easy to carry with you.

  2. Step 2 ElleDecor_Thumb.jpg Pictures Pictures Pictures

    Start with magazine pictures of home decor that catch your eye. Cut or tear them out and make notes right on the page so that you remember what caught your eye. The more the better. You can always eliminate later.

  3. Step 3 benmooreclassiccolor_Thumb.jpg Paint Samples

    Plan a trip to a few local hardware stores. Any hardware store that sells paint has a plethora of paint samples. They are free for the taking. You can use paint samples not just for choosing paint color but for getting ideas for furniture, carpet, tile, rugs etc.

  4. Step 4 samples_Thumb.jpg Samples for Fabric, Carpet and Blinds

    Find a local drapery shop and/or upholstery shop. Let the Sales person know that you are just putting together a color scheme and need some samples. Hopefully, you’ll get a sales person who is more than willing to offer suggestions. They may charge to take samples but are fully refunded when returned.

  5. Step 5 throwpillows_Thumb.jpg Samples of stuff your keeping

    If you are adding to your existing decor, start gathering up smaller items that you can carry with you. Small throw pillows, pillow shams, pillow cases, table napkins etc. Remember these are items that are going to stay in your decor.

Tips & Warnings

  • Start at the beginning. It’s going to overwhelming as it is.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from sales people.
  • If you can, keep your “project” with you. You never know when you may see a store for getting ideas and samples.
  • Don’t let a sales person sell you something before your ready. Remember, you are creating a color scheme, that’s all.
  • Ask for free samples. If you have to pay for a sample make sure you’ll be refunded when the sample is returned.
  • Start this project early. It’s a lot of information and it will take a week to a few weeks, sometimes more to get close to final decisions.

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