Considering a career in Physical therapy

Physical Therapy has become increasingly popular over the past twenty-five years.  Many students are pursuing careers in the filed of Physical Therapy and rehabilitation.  Physical Therapists help the patient restore and improve mobility and function as well as help to relieve pain for the long term. 

Physical Therapists help accident victims, and people suffering from a wide range of painful ailments.  There seems to be a demand in the United States for Physical Therapists.  Physical Therapists held approximately 190,000 jobs in 2008.

Several educational institutions offer degrees in Physical Therapy and Health services.  The majority of Physical Therapists in the United States have a Masters or Doctorate Degree.  The area of study focuses on Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Anatomy.  Some colleges offering degrees in Physical Therapy are New York University, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Delaware. 

Salaries for Physical Therapists range between $65-$80 per year.  Salary is dependant upon field of expertise and amount of experience. 

Once the Physical Therapist receives the degree, continuing education classes and required seminars are mandatory to remain certified and informed about new procedures.  Home Health Care appears to be a popular area of expertise among Physical Therapy & Health Care professionals.

Physical Therapists also provide services to patients involving arthritis, heart disease, as well as serious fractures and other related injuries.  Physical Therapists also have the option of going into private practice or working for a health care organization.

Patients receiving therapy have shown remarkable recovery rates due to intensive therapy and excellent care received during the rehabilitation process.

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