good things vs bad things

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Has ayone noticed that the majority of people, when given choices in life will make bad choices before they make good ones? it sems so easy,convienent,and laidout, so they take it.(bad choice) sometimes no questions asked.but when there is the time to make a good choice there are always millions of questions and still the choice is rejected. example: if given the choice to make fast money in drugs, money laundering,or beating the system, if it were made to sound good you would be surprised on how quick you would develop a down line in illegal activities. but to show people a legal system that works where no one has to go to jail or suffer some type of conequences,they have to question, dobt, and ignore. I’ve been trying to let people know about this program that i am in where you do make money with your computer, however you will need to watch the whole presentation to fully understand.  join for free for the first 7 days and after that it is only $10.00 a month. that is a small price for so much that htis company gives, the money is real and it is yours leagally. if you watch or join i will contact you to see if you have any questions. the link is:

hope you enjoy and i hope you help yourself.            


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