How to Budget

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Budgeting can help you save money for a rainy day. It’s important to live within your budget. There’re people that will spend on luxurious items when their spouse doesn’t even work. Instead of spending your money on luxurious items, you can save it for a rainy day. There’re a lot of people that don’t budget and don’t live within their budget. They wonder why they ran out of money sometimes. You should make it a goal to budget each month so that you can save for later.

A Journal

You should have a journal dedicated to budgeting. Once you have a journal, you can write down your daily spending activities and your saving goals. You should have a journal for each month. You should get a new journal once the old journal is full.


You’ll need a calculator to plug in your numbers so you’ll know what to write down.

Gross Income

You can take your gross income and then subtract it from all of your major bills or required bills. Next, you can take the leftover amount and subtract it to the amount that you’ll need to spend for the month like groceries, clothing, or for going out.


The amount that is left over after you have subtracted out all of your spending should go to your savings. You should put it away into your saving and don’t spend it. You should make it a goal to save at least 10% of your check each month.


Gross income = $3000

Bills= $1500

Spending = $500

$3000-$1500-$500= $1000

Saving= $1000


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