Do you have a health problems?

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You should assess yourself once in awhile to see if you have any type of health problems. If you leave your problems untreated, you can be affected by it. You can be unhappy and it can destroy your sense of well being or optimism. You can be depressed and you might not want to do everything in life. You can be anxious and you can worry constantly to the point where you will have trouble functioning daily. There’re people that have problems but they don’t get help. They don’t know that they have a problem. I lived with an OCD person who never went to the doctor for his problems and I was afraid to tell him to go to the doctor. A lot of people have depression but they don’t go to the doctor for treatment because they don’t know that it’s depression. There’re people that live with an STD without going to the doctor because they don’t know how it can affect their health. Once in awhile, you should assess yourself and then get to the doctor for treatment.


Anxiety is when you worry about every little thing. You get anxious. You worry about the outcome of things and you become fearful of those outcomes. You can have trouble doing the very thing that you’re worry about. If you worry about passing the exam, you can sit there and worry for hours without studying for the exam. It can be debilitating for the person with anxiety. You can seek help from a doctor and you will get better with therapy and medication.


Depression is when you feel sad most of the time. You feel hopeless and you want to go out and do things. Depression can be from a low serum level of omega fatty acid. If you have a major life changing situation, you will also be depressed. Depression can be long term if you don’t get it treated. It can interfere with your daily life. There’re medications to battle depression. You should talk to a doctor.


Bipolar is a common disorder. You can feel sad and then hyper in the same day. You can talk to a doctor because there’s treatment available. You will get better with medical treatment.

Seeing or Hearing Things

If you see or hear things, you can get help from a doctor. This can be the case of many mental illnesses like Schizophrenia. It can also be from drugs use. It can be very disruptive to your daily life. There’re medications that can calm down your thoughts.


You can get a checkup once in awhile to see if you have an STD. An STD can prevent you from giving birth if you left it untreated. It can also give you inflammation in the pelvic. You can have many episodes of pain, bleeding and itching. You can’t be pregnant or give birth with an STD because it can cause your baby many symptoms like blindness. You can get it cure if it’s a common STD.

Heart Disease

Do you have chest pain once in awhile? If you feel any pain from your heart or chest, you need to get treatment from a doctor. Heart disease can be life threatening.

Blood Pressure

You can tell if you have high blood pressure from home. You have to get a reading from the doctor. You can also buy a blood pressure machine nowadays from stores.


If you feel tire all the time, you could have an illness. Chronic fatigue can be a sign of another illness or fatigue syndrome. You can talk to a doctor and they will run a blood test to see if you have any problems.


Diabetes is when you have high blood glucose. It’s a life threatening disease. You should get your blood glucose level tested and get treatment for it. You can end up with many problems if you don’t get it treated right away. You can pass out if you have too much sugar in your blood. You can also buy the glucose meter at a pharmacy.


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