How to Pack a Wound

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The first step is to look at the doctors or hospital orders and see if there are any instructions on how to unpack and re-pack your wound.  If there are not any directions, you might want to do the following:

You will need to prepare your area for cleanliness. Wash your hands thoroughly. You do not necessarily need to make the area strerile.  Wash the area and lay a paper towel or something down on your work space to lay your equipment and used guaze. Put a little sterile solution into a small dish. Cut the gauze into a piece that will fit into your wound. Put the gauze into the dish with the sterile solution.

Unwrap the existing padding and tape from the wound. You should then see a piece of gauze. This could be large or small but it is filling the wound. You will need to grasp the end of the gauze firmly and pull it out quickly and swiftly. If you do this slowly, it will hurt very much.

Squeeze out the solution from the new gauze in the dish. Gently feed the new damp gauze into the wound pushing it in with a Q-tip or other similar item until the wound is fully packed. You may cut off the extra gauze.

You can now cover the wound with a padded gauze or absorbent pad. Tape it into place.  Watch to see if you have any redness at the tape spots.  If you do, remove the tape and use a different kind of tape.

By packing the wound wet and removing the packing when it is dry, helps to keep the wound fresh to promote healing.  You will notice some blood on the used guaze and maybe a bit of discoloration.  If anything looks like it is not normal or you smell an oder, it is best to consult your Physician or your local hospital.


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