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Many people like myself are sometimes bothered by long web addresses which are impossible to remember. Fret not as there is such a service known as link shortening. URL is actually web address which is the link to a particular web page. Shortening such URL makes it not only easy to remember and it is neater to be posted on interactive web platforms like forums or discussion sites.

Another problem about long URL is that if you are a person who frequent Twitter, the current hottest Social Networking website, you will noticed that the text to be posted are limited. If you have a long web address to post, it will exceed the maximum number of words allowed. Sometimes if your URL is within the range, Twitter will automatically shorten your URL for you.

So why bother to shorten? Well, it is possible for people to get paid for re-linking URL or web page addresses. Introducing Linkbee, the genuine and best get paid to link website on the Internet.

Apart from link shortening, it is able to let you track your link performance. How is this helpful? I am sure many would ask the same question. The fact is that this data is extremely critical in order for you to find out which web marketing approach that you have used are effective and what are not. For instance, if you are trying out to use various social bookmarking websites or even forums to post your links, you would definitely want to know which websites brings in more traffic. Linkbee is able to track these data for you in terms of clicks. And the more clicks your links get, the more you will earn.

Linking is not the only source for you to earn. If you have a big network filled with friends, I would like to first congratulate you. It is because Linkbee comes with a referral system which pays up to 5 levels. For example, the friends which you have directly referred would be level 1 while their friends will be level 2 and so on.

Putting up links on forums or social networking websites like Friendster or Facebook is quite a common thing to do. Why not use this chance to earn some money at the same time. Visit this review page for payment details and more information.


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