Heart Disease

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Ways to fight heart disease.

When you grow older, its time to relax and pursue your dreams, but health-wise, your life can’t always be rosy.  Your bones get weaker, your cholesterol levels change, the walls of your blood vessels are more fragile , and , your risk of heart disease increases.

Widens your arteries, estrogen can improve your blood flow,  by widening your arteries,  and then you have a less chance of having a stroke. This  is,  when women take estrogen after surgery, they are less likely to have their arteries clog up again.  The side effects on woman after estrogen intake is breast enlargement.   So men my not want to try estrogen therapy.

A way for you to predict heart disease is to measure how your blood flows through your arteries.  Blood is thick and sticky, and, is  more likely to clog up your arteries and form dangerous clots.

Work smart but not for too long hours, When you work long hours your are under pressure, stress and tension. High blood pressure is an important risk factor to heart attacks.  So slow down, and take the stress off your health.

Watch out for winter woes, start getting in shape for the winter, unusual activity like snow shoveling can put an unexpected strain on your heart,  and,  even your arteries. A  weak body is more,   vulnerable to heart attacks than a strong one.

Eat correctly, find more time for exercising, all year round in  this way you can build your strength,  and strenuous work,  won’t be a surprise to your heart.




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