Drag me to hell-Review

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This scary movie had a few bits of querky comedy. If you liked Evil Dead you should enjoy this movie. The creator of that movie also made Drag me to Hell. Once it started getting scary it continued on with back to back scares, it will leave you on the edge of your seat. I advise those with queasy stomaches not to watch this movie it may make you lose your lunch. To sum it up it was like a scary/comedy/thriller all at once. There were a few scenes in the movie that made the events come to a stand still a bit and it was kind of confusing. This movie still would grab your attention and would make you guess what would happen next in which you would always be wrong about the next scene. The ending was very unpredictable, but I’m not gonna give it away. Go watch this movie it is THE SCARIEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR. This movie will make history beause it is very hard to find a good scary movie. This movie lived up to it’s name dragging you to hell at every turn. Once again a seat clencher, so make sure to take your girlfriend or boyfriend so that you will have someone to grab when you get frightened. My husband almost had a lap full of nachos and soda that is how surprising the movie was. You will remember this movie and you will want to watch it again, so make sure to save up for your next trip to the movies.Good watching.


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