Maintaining Harmony in Nature

Conserving the environment has become the need of the hour. Since human beings contribute a lot in defiling it, they are only ones who can prevent it from further destruction and degradation. This can be achieved by:

Planting of trees – Every individual must make a decision to plant a sapling every week and also take care of it until it is fully grown. It can be worked on a large scale by generating a garden containing flowers, trees and small plants.

Prohibit the use of plastic – Toys, bags and other items of plastic look very nice but it is very difficult to degrade or destroy them after they are unfit for use. They are not degradable and remain as insoluble particles in the soil. Instead of plastic we must use crockery made of china or porcelain. We must ink pen instead of ball pen.

Controlled use of electricity – Reduce consumption of electricity by using low voltage bulbs and lights. Whenever possible, work in natural light. Switch off fans and lights, when leaving a room.

Animal conservation – Practices like hunting must be banned and we must protest strongly against killings of animals. Animals are regularly killed for fur, leather and food. If killing of animals is stopped, the natural balance will automatically be regenerated and maintained.

Stop smoking – It will not only take care of our health and the environment, but it will also save paper, as a large amount of paper is utilized in packing cigarettes.

Check the wastage of paper – Weget paper from trees which are cut down. Deforestation leads to soil erosion which is harmful for the environment in the long run. A large amount of paper is wasted in decorations, invitation cards and paper napkins. We can use flowers for decorations and the telephone to send out invitations. Wasted computer printouts can also be re-utilized.

 We must work towards reducing the strain on the limited resources of nature. We can also contribute by reducing the population due to which the demands are increasing. People of all sections literates and the illiterates can work towards this goal. If they are aware about the various modes of pollution, problems dealing with pollution of air, water and soil, they can always make an effort to prevent different crisis faced by the eco-system. It is because, “Where conservation fails, pollution starts, where pollution stops, efficiency starts.”

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