The New PSP Go!

Although the leakage of their new product spreaded so fast, that won’t be stopping Sony from releasing a new addition to their gaming products, the new PSP Go!

The new and sleek design of Sony’s newest handheld really caught a lot of attention and also after they announced that it will be a slide-up gizmo. It boasts a 16gb internal memory with blutooth capability and other cool features. Sony also announced that the new PSP won’t be having a UMD tray which, I think, might disappoint a lot of gamers.

Fundamentally, other features of the PSP SLIM and PSP-3000 will still be available for the PSP Go! And the 16gb internal memory of the new PSP won’t be new to all because of the 16gb memory stick available in the market right now. Might as well consider buying those memory sticks if you’re only looking for good memory size to store games and multimedia with.

Well, not much for the new Sony PSP Go! We may expect a little impact of it when it’s released this october on the market. As many people are still stunned of what happend to the joystick in the control pad. Some may consider buying this just to turn into a multimedia powerhouse, not for gaming. Most will be uncomfortable playing with new pad. If only Sony would improve the graphics a bit, it may get huge plus points from people, that will be very important if they want their sales to raise up high. Goodluck to the new Sony PSP Go!

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