The Healing Powers Of Dandelion

Dandelion root……..,coffee? Yep, it looks like coffee, smells like coffee and more importantly, it tastes like fresh brewed coffee. It does not cause chaos with your liver (because of the oils) or with your nerves (because of the caffeine).

Consumed fats in our diets enters the gastrointestinal tract, where the liver secretes a fluid called bile. The bile is then discharged into the duodenum where conversion begins. Although, if an undue amount of fat is consumed, or if the liver is not performing adequately, then not enough bile gets released to get the job done. The result is a bad case of indigestion.

The bitter components in dandelion root which gives it that coffee flavor and smell also manages to activate the liver into producing more bile. Four capsules of dandelion root powder is recommended if you are having a meal that consists of meat or greasy foods. A warm cup of dandelion tea, or better yet, a cup of dandelion root coffee, will work just as well. Or try 15 – 20 drops of the fluid extract (under the tongue) twice daily with your meals. Dandelion root is also very valuable as a liver cleanser for alcoholics beginning recovery.

To prepare dandelion root coffee, after harvesting, the dandelion roots are dried, chopped and roasted. They are then ground into granules which are steeped in boiling water to produce the dandelion root coffee.  

Dandelion flowers, however, serve a different purpose. A physician, Dr. Niedermeier, reported that the value of dandelion flowers help to correct night vision. The substance “helenin” is what does this, but, it also requires the presence of a certain amount of Vitamin A. So, Dr. Niedermeier developed a therapy program which included dandelion flowers and fish oil for correcting the problem. This therapy program also works on improving the condition of a related disorder known as “retinitis pigmentosa” (progressive loss of visual field).

The milky latex from the stem of the dandelion is also well known and effective for the treatment of warts. A little of this substance rubbed on a wart several times a day will begin the shriveling up of the wart and it will soon disappear all together.

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