Breast feeding

One of the most beautiful sight in this world is that of a mother breast feeding her child. The benefits of breast feeding are enormous. Breast milk is a balanced diet for a new born baby. It takes care of all your babies needs to grow into a healthy adult. Not only that, as the baby grows, its requirements for nutrients changes. Nature has provided a complete solution to this. As the baby grows, the breast milk also will take care of all the needs of the baby. This is not the case with formula milk or the supplement food. The benefits of breast feeding for your baby are immense

1 .When the mother breast feeds the baby, she holds the baby close to her heart. This gives a feeling of warmth and bonding to the baby. Research shows that breast fed babies show more affection towards family in comparison to other children. Also, they are more confident than others .

2. Breast milk is a complete food comprising of all the antibodies, vitamins and other nutrients ,fat, sugar and water necessary for healthy growth of baby. Even when the baby grows, the breast feed changes according to the needs of the baby.

3. Breast feed protects the baby against common diseases like common cold, cough, gastro intenstinal problems, vomiting, constipation , upset stomach etc. As the baby grows there are chances of tooth decay due to formula milk. The breast fed baby gets protection against such risk.

4. It provides the baby with calcium in the optimum quantity thus strengthening the bones.

5. Breast feed is full of vitamins and thus the baby does not lack any vital nutrients. Such babies are less likely to fall sick.

6. In comparison to formula milk which induces weight gain in babies, breast milk does not increase baby’s weight artificially. So, breast fed children are less likely to be obese. Thus, breast feed ensures complete health care for the baby and improves the overall immunity of the baby.

Not only is the baby benefitted by breast feeding, it also benefits the mother equally. Here’s how it works: 1

.After the child birth, the menstrual cycle becomes irregular for some time. There is increased chance of conceiving again after the child birth. Breast feeding is known to be a natural contraceptive. However, one should not completely rely on this method of contraception.

2. Every time the mother feeds the child, she burns approximately 300-400 calories. This keeps the weight gain in check and helps to cut down on fat accumulated during pregnancy. It keeps the figure of the mother in check.

3. When the baby is not breast fed, the milk gets accumulated in the breast and may form lumps. This may result into cancer later on. Breast cancer is the second most common disease in women. The risk increases with the increase in age. Breast feeding reduces the risk of breast cancer

4. It keeps excessive bleeding in check. For mothers who do not have lactation problem, breast feeding is a boon. It does not involve any cost or efforts. It provides security and bonding for the child. Doctors recommend that babies should be breast fed for atleast first six months for their overall growth.

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