In this cynical modern world, we all have fallen prey to the same routine of grumbling against life. It is a non stop cycle. If we are not married suitably, we rue the fact that others have found more perfect partners. Once married perfectly, partners of other individuals seem more caring and considerate. The perfect couples crave for perfect children and perfect professions, in turn. On this journey, there ia a mix of elations and disappointments. How manytimes have we felt that when there was less money, there was more love and strength in relationships? To us, the cup of life always seems half empty.

I wish to recall to your memory a scenario of partition of India and Pakistan. It is a real life incident. In 1947, thousands of migrants were at the border of the two countries, ready for the trains and buses. A couple (with identical twins in hands of the mother) had come to catch the last bus. One of the male twins had died of the two and the other was fast asleep. A terrible jostling began and the couple just about managed to board the top of the bus. The driver screamed to the passengers to shed their bag and baggage to reduce the already overloaded bus for fear of tyre puncture. The migrants on the top of the bus did the same. As a river approached, the guents advised the husband to steel his heart and deposit the dead son there throwing him as a bundle. But the mother would not allow as she held both sons to her heart. Finally, a great turmoil began as everybody started making attempts to catch the child. Finally,l the bundle was rested to peace. Suddenly, the husband screamed as he realised that someone threw the bundle of the live sleeping son.

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