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The arrival of a child in family is a God that every couple looks forward to. Hand in hand, the new parents  feel all their nine months trying time vindicated when they hold the little angel in their lap. However, all is really not well that ends well always in practical life. It is because the stress crops up soon and the couple finds it hard to be the same romantic partners once again, who had all the time in the world to go out, explore, dine and talk to each other to their heart’s content.

All of a sudden, the focus has shifted to the tiny kid who has to be nurtured twenty four hours. Often, the new mother becomes so absobed in attending to the child that the hubby has to compromise not only on cold bread but cold vibes from his earlier warm wife, who complains of persistent backache due to breatfeeding and changing the diapers 24/7. In such a situation, the hubby should adjust to the moods and post natal blues offering more help to the wife with respect to taking the baby out in park so that the new mother can take hot bath and indulge in her old hobby.

Some husbands become jealous and retire hurt if the wife waves them off. They may become bogged down by the financial responsibilities of becoming new fathers. Their spending more time to generate money may piss off the wives, who feel alienated by their late coming. All this may lead to constant bickering and fights. So, the key is to leave the kid with the baby sitter for the weekends so that you may enjoy your special time and find new ways to bond again as partners. Plan out your financial future together and share your parenting anxieties mutually.


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