The misunderstanding of Yoga.

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Today yoga is seen in a different view respect to how it was seen in the past. Yoga is seen as a trend or as a set of gymnastic exercises. You can find every kind of techniques or courses that are review of ancient ones adapted in strange ways to the taste of the modern occidental audience.

It’s emblematic the fact that when you see people that are approaching yoga, they ask if yoga can be good for your health or can be useful to relax yourselves. But that has nothing to do with the original meaning of yoga. It was born as a set of tecniques that help men to gain the illumination or better the liberation from the samsara, the cycle of the reincarnations. But the aim it’s not the unique dissimilarity. Another diversity of modern and ancient yoga is the public. Because in the past there were requirements to do it. Obviously it was no question of skills or having particular merits or other things. The requirement for beginning a yogi was to have exstinguished all the mundane desires and to aim only to pratcise yoga and gain the liberation. But this type of person has nothing to do with things as having a good health, stop the stress and be fashion.

So what is this yoga of the modern era? Nothing more than a business, a form of fitness and a way to forget the problems of the day taking a moment of relax. It can be all of this or only one. But the true problem is not this, when you know this. The problem borns when you think that making this type of things you can reach something as liberation or illumination or other similar things. Be sure that you can’t reach these things doing fitness or fashion activities and call them yoga!!!


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