Seven Steps to cook healthy and tasty

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Even if you are professional cook, chef, or you occassionally cook, these 7 simple steps will guide your way through the kitchen and make you happier:

  1. JOY – The joy of doing something, whatever it is, means the chance of transformation into something beatiful that will make you and your close ones happy. I mean that it is always best to do something that you want and feel happy about it, rather than doing it out of obligation
  2. INTUITION – Once you build up your intuition by constant experimenting, you can forget about any books out there. This step is a result of constantly trying new thins in your kitchen. You never know how good a food will taste if you add an extra ingredient without actually adding it, right?
  3. CREATIVITY – Being creative results in putting a little(or more) of your personality in what you are cooking. If you are a person with a bit of creativity it should be no problem for you. For the ones who don’t feel creative enough, don’t think you can’t do it! Just follow your instincts, take a look around your kitchen, there always is something that may inspire you.
  4. CHOOSING – Always look for fresh vegetables and meat in great varieties. The difference between fresh or not so fresh vegetables, fruits and meat will result in the food on your plate. Using fresh ones will add the real flavour of your ingredients. By choosing the not so very fresh ones, you will choose the ones that will not give much flavour, natural vitamins/nutrients. What do you like more, something with flavour or something without a real taste? I think you know the answer to that .
  5. PREPARATION – Never forget to wash the vegetables, fruits and meat very carefully. By washing them carefully, you can assure 3 important things: the ingredients are clean, the taste will be the expected one, a better looking dish. It does not matter where you buy them from, you should always wash them.
  6. COOKING – try to use cooking technics and methods that are simple and not to complicated(the more natural, the better). What do you like more : a 2min dish heated in the microwave, or a plate of baked potatoes with bacon made in the oven with some spices and let’s say o bolognese sauce on top of it? yes, it may take up to 30min cooking time, but the difference is in the taste of the food.
  7. SETTING UP A DISH – The way you set up food on a dish can represent your mood and personality, look for an eye-feast set-up. This last step has to do with creativity too. If you want you can set it up so that it looks like a smiley: take two pieces of orange for the eye-browes, two green olives for the eyes, one piece of lemon for the nose, and 1 thin slice of tomato. Voila! you now have a smiley on your plate. It’s easy as that.

Try to follow these 7 easy steps and you will always be happy with your cooking and your loved ones will be happy too.


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