How Do I get More Traffic to my Website?

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You just know that if you can get a few people to your website that they will tell a friend and their friends will tell friends and so on. There are two problems here, the first is you don’t have any money to advertise your website and second, although viral marketing (described earlier) happens, it rarely does.

Of course you can always rely on search engines, you hear Google has a great one, unless you have been living in a cave. And you also know they have this system called the Google Page Rank that determines where you site will be listed in the results and if you can get that go to higher you will attract even more visitors.

What if I told you there is way to solve all of your problems? What if I told you that this method will not only increase your visitors but it will help in increasing your Google Page Rank as well? Then what if I told you that this method, producing all of these great results won’t cost you a single penny? You would probably think I am crazy and want to stop reading this article right?

The fact is the method I am about to tell you will do all of this for your website and the only thing it will cost you is some time and effort.

This method I brag about is called article marketing. Article marketing is the process by which you write informational and educational articles in relation to the content of your website, post those articles with a resource box on various article directory websites, and then watch as the visitors roll in. Repeat this process on a daily basis and that slow roll will turn into a raging river of visitors!

Here is how it works. Start by writing an article no less than 450 words in length that is related to the content of your website. For instance a friend of mine just released his book on vegetable gardening so I told him to write articles that pertain to that subject. I also told him that the articles he should write should be informational and educational. He then proceeded to write articles such as “how to grow great tomatoes” and “creating your own compost” and so on.

After writing his article I told him he needed to create what is called a resource box. The resource box is where the reader of the article will look to learn more about the writer of the article. His resource box read something like this, “Mike is the author of {book name here}. You can learn more about him by going to his website {insert web address here}.”

With the article and resource box in hand he then did a Google search on the words “article directory” and that yielded thousands of results. Of course he didn’t need all thousand he only need the top 4 or 5. These are free websites that allow you to post your articles. They receive tens of thousands of hits daily from people looking for content such as what my friend had written or even better from bloggers who are looking for content to add to their blogs (more on that in a moment).

So he registered and submitted his articles in the gardening section. He posts one article everyday and as long as he wants to continue to market his website and book he will do this. Within a month he was up to nearly 800 visitors per day. Now you might be thinking, big deal that is not a lot, but remember he still hasn’t paid for a dime in any advertising.

With each passing day and new article submitted the amount of references back to his website increase and that is a good thing because part of the Google Algorithm and Google Page Rank system are the number of links from other websites pointing to your own. I mentioned earlier about bloggers looking for content on article directory websites. Bloggers visit these article directories, find articles related to their blogs and then syndicate the article, with the resource box and link back to your website. If just one blogger everyday syndicated your article, you would literally have hundreds of other blogs linking back to your website attracting their visitors as well. There is no telling how big your website can get. It all depends on how much effort you want to put into it.

Monetarily speaking article marketing is 100% free. But it will cost you time to write the articles and submit them as well as a high level of dedication. In other words you can’t write one or two and expect to become Facebook overnight.

The better your website, the more visually appealing it is as well as the ease of navigation it is will add up to lots of visitors very quickly when using the article marketing method.

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