Nifty Packing Tips for Your Next Vacation

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In an episode of the TV show “Friends”, Chandler is trying to get away from his girlfriend, Janice. In doing so he pretends his company is shipping him off to Yemen of all places and he is leaving immediately. You would think that would be enough to get rid of her, but instead she decides she is going to help him pack. In doing so she shares a packing tip with the rest of Chandler’s friends, and that is to roll up your socks and underwear and stuff them in your shoes.

That brings us to our first traveling tip and that is utilizing every ounce of space you have, including the insides of your shoes. Every little crevice you can find should be occupied by something and when you get good enough that large suitcase you use to bring, may turn into a carry on bag.

Our next tip is to organize yourself and make a list. I am very list oriented. If I don’t have a list for whatever it is I am doing, I feel lost and that includes packing for a trip. Long before your travel date arrives, you should be writing down everything you will need to bring. When you see it written down on paper you will be shocked as to how many extras you bring that you really do not need. So make a list and more importantly, follow it.

If you are going away for quite awhile, two weeks or more, then invest in one of those products where you put your clothes in a bag and suck all of the air out with your vacuum cleaner. The package is completely compressed and you will save tremendous amounts of room. On the downside you may have to do some ironing once you get there.

If buying a bag to compress your clothes is a bit over the top for you then use the old backpacker’s method and that is to roll your clothes up. This will help save on room.

Never pack valuable items in a piece of luggage that you are going to check. Items such as jewelry, electronics and of course cash should always be with you at all times. Also do not pack any food in your check in bag. Those bags go through some serious x-ray machines and the last thing you would want to do is eat something after it has gone through it.

Finally, don’t forget to mark your entire luggage. Start with large, bright, neon colored luggage tags with your name and phone number written on them. Then, tie a bright neon ribbon onto the handle of your luggage so it really sets it apart from everyone else’s. Finally use a luggage security strap that is a neon yellow to wrap around your luggage. This will make sure your luggage doesn’t flop open during movement and is another means to distinguish your luggage from the other 200 people waiting at baggage claim.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, eliminate the hassle of packing and follow these simple steps. Begin your trip off right with as little stress as possible.

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