Chinese Restaurants in London

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London has such a wide variety of Chinese restaurants that it does not matter if you find it a difficult cuisine to master in your own kitchen. Chinese cuisine is complex because it is intertwined with religion, philosophy and medicine. If your only experience of Chinese food is in takeaway form you have been seriously missing out.

The best Chinese restaurants in London have been steadily getting better and better. With Kai Mayfair, Hakkasan and Yauatcha racking up column inches as quickly as they can print the newspapers, the finest Chinese restaurants in London certainly justify getting dressed up for an evening out.

Tamarai showcases the finest pan asian flavours from the culinary lexicon of China and South East Asia, which has led the Tamarai chefs on the Lotus Trail from Chettinad to Burma, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Tamarai’s head chef, Manish Mehrotra has traveled and trained extensively within these regions and brings with him specialists in each cuisine including a master chef from Chettinad. Tamarai is one of the best restaurant and bars in London.

The Tamarai restaurant can seat 110 guests for lunch and dinner with an additional bar capacity of 200. Rare among London restaurants, guests fine dining in London at Tamarai can enjoy a late night license and complimentary parking in the building.

China Boulevard on the River offers both authentic and contemporary Chinese cuisine, served in a stunning setting by the Thames in Wandsworth. China Tang, the latest creation of entrepreneur David Tang, is causing a stir throughout London with its authentic dim sum and exquisite cocktails. Dragon Castle in Walworth serves fresh Cantonese food of the highest quality. Try Winter Melon Broth or Shanghai Braised Pork Belly.


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