How to Remove a Laminate Countertop

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Basic instructions for removal of counter tops.

This should take most home owners about one hour to complete.Just Remember you will not have a kitchen counter top until you replace it so do this only when you have new tops on site.

Tools Needed:

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Sink Removal Wrench
  • Large screwdriver or small pry bar
  • Razor Knife

Disconnect ALL Electricity and Plumbing

  • DO NOT attempt this if you are inexperienced!
  • this includes garbage disposals

Disconnect and remove sink

  • Removing the sink makes it easier to remove the counter tops.

Remove screws from dishwasher (as needed)

  • most dishwashers have two plates in the front just above the door remove the screws in these plates.Keep these screws to remount the dishwasher in the new counter top.

Remove back splashes

  • This Requires finesse and a little muscle.Cut the caulk line on the top of the splash to keep from tearing the wallpaper or paint.
  • Use a large screwdriver or small pry bar to wedge between counter top and back splash and this around the entire back splash until back splash is removed.

Remove all screws from counter top inside cabinets

  • Remove the drawers , look inside and find the mounting screws in the top plate.(front and back as needed) Do this in all cabinets

Lift Counter top lightly in a few spots to make sure all screws are removed.

Remove Counter Top.

This is a Good time to clean up wall where back splash was.take a putty knife or large chisel and scrape loose caulk and debris away.


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