The little red cloaked dude.

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There was a  flash in the sky, lightning and thunder.  Boom, Boom, crash and the rain begain to fall from the heavens,  Dons cell phone began to flash, its light flickering on  his bed stand.  He awoke and the light caught his eye almost immediatly.  He made himself sit up in his small bed.  Suddenly an ark spit out of it twards the wall.  The cell phone itself began to smoke.  At the front of the ark a small man in a red cloak appeared, with his hood drawn over its head.  Chains were wrapped around the fellow, at the end of each chain there was a short sword almost as tall as the figure.  Frightened he rolled twards the end of his bed, smacking into the wall.  He was not sure where to go, but his heart was beating so fast he thought it was going to pop out of his chest.  “Beyo kin tao lo moo” the little figure spoke out.  Dons long black hair covered his face, “oh shit”.  The creature brought its hand up and let a sword fly, it struck the wall right by his head.  “My moms gonna kill me, she said no ruff housing in the room, early that summer his friends and him were messing around and broke the window.  When it was brought up his mother still scoweled at him.  “Bero con tis anty leg tio balon ta son”, the creature brought its shoulder back and with that the chain retracted back to him.  Don eyes were wide.  “Me Don” he pointed to himself.  “Don” he said slowly pointing at himself.  The red hood tilted to one side like a dog would in intrest.  Don pointed to himself and said slowly “Don”.  The creature pointed at itself and said “Klug”.  Don did not know what to do next so he sat quietly unmoving staring at the creature, he hoped that it would not do anything elese with those swords.  The little man cocked his head again in a amusing way and waddled over to Don.  It began to speak in weird language again, seeing that it had no efect on him, threw its arms up and began to jump up down as if it was mad.  It pointed at the phone and at the area it had been standing in talking really really fast.  Don did not know what to do so he sat and watched the little man again.


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