Ufc Undisputed Create a Fighter Matt Hamill

I’m sure by now most gamers are aware that UFC Undisputed is the game of the summer right now with millions of copies flying off the shelves. Most mma fans with the game also realize that several notable fighters are missing from the roster. Matt Hamill is one of these guys and I’m sure a ton of people are sitting at home wondering exactly how to make this upcoming lightheavyweight star. Well this guide is gonna give you the details to make a create a fighter on UFC Undisputed look alot like Matt Hamill.

The size will be 6’2 and 205 pounds. For the age just consider that he was born in October of 1976 so as of right now that would be 32 years old. You should probably put that he is from and fighting out of Cincinnati, Ohio. There are some features of the appearance that you can change around however you want like 5’O clock shadow and percentage of body hair and ear damage.

I recommend you choosing the skin 4 and body 3 options for his figure. I go with Face 1, Hair 6 with a color of 8, Sideburns 2 with a color of 1, Beard 5 with a color of 8 and Eye color of 7. When you get into the specific features of the face there are sliders on the left and right side. When making Matt Hamill as a create a fighter on UFC Undisputed there are several ways to go about this but here are some tips. For the Head Brow the left should be in the upper left corner and the right should be about in the center. For the Eyes/Nose the left should be almost all the way left and the right almost all the way right. The Cheeks/Mouth the left should be in the upper right and the right about in the center. For Jaws/Ears the left should be in the upper right and the right all the way to the right.

Once you’re finished with the appearance then continue on as normal. Just distribute his skills and think about what he’s good at in real life. I would set his styles as boxing and wrestling.

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