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I have been writing for ehow for a year now and have earned myself a good amount of money as royalties for my how-to articles. Although tough to crack as a newbie, ehow does exceed expectations when it comes to earning after your first couple of months and with several articles under your belt. You won’t see its full potential though unless you reach the 100 article threshold. Here are several tips to maximize your ehow earning potential.

– Create high quality content by thinking through on any articles you publish. Remember that your contents will be viewed worldwide therefore you must take pride in them.

– Maximize possible page views by creating accounts with stumbleupon and digg it. This will guarantee additional page views daily to your contents.

– Make use of your family and friends being online by sending them links to your articles and asking them to view or rate your contents.

– View and comment on other member’s work and profile in hopes that they would return the favor. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to get as many friends in ehow as you can.

– Add images or videos to your articles so that it would stand out among several articles.

– Give credit where credit is due. If you took an image from a site then recognize them as a source.

– Check your daily earnings report and weed out articles which are your money makers. If possible, write several more articles of the same nature as the topic have proven itself to be profitable and is your bread and butter.


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