Endangered Environment of Our Planet

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There is no end to the environmental talk. On one side glaciers are melting, and on the other side many species of fauna and flora are fast vanishing. All this forecast that we humans are racing to vanish from the planet, if a perfect eco-balance is not maintained.

The conservationists warn that more than a quarter of sharks and Rays in the in the northeast Atlantic are in great peril. Effect of over fishing could be greater still, say experts. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) published The Red List. According to it, 26 per cent of these species are at risk of being wiped out and a fifth is now regarded as “near threatened”.

Many of the animals at the risk are slow-breeding fish that have few young that could reach the breeding age late. Among the fish, the spiny dogfish (rock Salmon) and porbeagle shark which are caught for their meat are critically endangered. Through a few other species are above Zero-catch level, they are included in the EU fishing restrictions.

Among Sharks, Angel Sharks, Common Skates, the Basking Shark are listed as vulnerable by Ices scientists. Now a strict ban on fishing vessels is imposed besides conservative breeding of all these endangered species.

The other species which are at risk are deep water gulper shark – sought for its rich liver oil which is used by the cosmetic industry and guitarfish whose fins are highly sought after for use in shark fin soup in Asian markets.

Scientists working for the IUCN felt that unless strict restrictions not imposed on fishing in northeast Atlantic waters and breed them in conservative centers, these aqua species disappear from the earthly waters forever.


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