The Indian Spice We Use In our Kithchen

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Fenugreek is a spice wit a bitter taste. Fenugreek seed is a hard spice. It is an ancient spice and is fairly popular in India.

The leaves and seeds of this herb are an important part of cuisine. It is called ‘methi’ in the North. Its leaves are generously used in delicates. Fresh leaves, crushed and ground, are interspersed with paneer to make methi paneer. So many other delicates are made using methi leaves. Dishes such as Methi daal, Methi potato or aloo, Methi paratha are a few. It goes well with meat also.

Methi seeds, which are tiny and yellow-brown, rhombic-shaped are quite hard to crack. In most South Indian curries just a little more than a pinch is used almost every day. But its bitter taste keeps a few people away from it. The seeds are gently sauteed in a mustard oil in the North-East, generally to season dal.

Fenugreek is known for its medicinal properties. They are believed to be effective in diabetes prevention. They are commonly used to aid digestion. According to our older generation, fenugreek cools the body. It is also an important spice in post-pregnancy care as it is said to increase lactation and cleanse the stomach. It is used even as an effective sure for scalp problems. The seeds soaked overnight and crushed into a paste and spread on the scalp, cure irritation caused by dandruff.

Like this so many Indian Spices in our kitchen can serve us in many ways. We are really amazed to believe this.


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