How to Get Those Grandchildren in Check

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As a grandparent, you must recognize your place. You are the grand parent and not the parent. As grandparents, you are there to support your children and their spouse in their children’s development. This does not mean that you are to take over their parenting. It means that you are to respect them as parents and never do anything to convey to them that they are not doing a great job. As grandparents, you are to work with your children by being supportive of their decisions. In this article, we will make suggestions as to how you can work with your children by helping get them in check.

First of all, clarify family rules with your children as to how they handle specific situations that may arise. If you have a specific behavior to discuss with them – this is your time to tell them about their inappropriate behavior that your grandchildren displayed when they are not present. Tell your children that you love them very much and would love to help them settle the situation but how they will do so is their decision to make.

Second, be positive and open the lines of communication. This can be done by discussing the issue with your children instead of taking care of the problem yourself. Once the ground rules have been set, make a join decision with your children and follow through with it. If it’s right today then it’s correct tomorrow.

Ask children to communicate with their children and tell them that they are to respect their grandparent at all times and this is the way it is. Once your grand kids realize that their grandparents are an extension of mom and dad and that they must follow the rules at all times, you should see a change in their behavior.

Follow through with the plan. Always demonstrate that you love your children but when they behave in certain ways, you don’t like their behavior. Clearly identify that it is the behavior that you don’t like and not the child. For instance, if you and your children have agreed that time-outs are appropriate then you may find that you are the one that has to give the time outs when your grandchildren disobey the rules.

Stay focused. Be consistent with any punishments. If something is wrong today then it is wrong tomorrow. Therefore, always be consistent with administering punishments. On the same token, make sure to administer praise as well.

In conclusion, you’re a wonderful grandparent and your grandkids will get in check. By working with your children, you can collaboratively change your grandchild’s bad behavior. After all, it takes a village to raise a child and that raising starts with you!


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