How to enjoy Sunny Days

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Get Active! Why not spend the day at the beach, park, or simply lay outside and soak up some sun? Why not do two things at once and enjoy both the sun and maybe bike riding? Or play a fun-filled activity like tennis or soccer. The winter time is so hard to try and stay in shape because it’s normally so slow and cold outside that it is perfect sleeping weather. Well here is your chance to re-do your New Year’s resolution, not to mention build up that tan.

grill_Thumb.jpg Get the grill out! (Or a lemonade stand.) Why not make it a family event? The kids can open up a lemonade stand, and you can get the grill out and grill away. Did anyone say burgers and hot dogs? And if your kids make some money from the lemonade stand, then it looks like they will be buying the dessert for later. 

Relax. It may not always be sunny outside, so why not enjoy it? You deserved it! (Just make sure you put lots and lots of sunscreen on.) Get your favorite drink in one hand, maybe some food in the other, and relax. For an added effect, let your favorite beach song play in the background. Maybe “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys, (my personal choice.) Everyone’s version of relaxing on a sunny day is different, for me, it would be a strawberry daiquiri in one hand and laying in my favorite chair on the beach just listening to the ocean. What’s your perfect sunny day?


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